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Jason Llewellyn

Speaking Engagements

I am a regular speaker and presenter at Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum (ICLEF), Indianapolis Bar Association, and Annual Family Law Institute.

“Key Financial Issues Encountered in  Moderate to High Asset Divorce”, June 2019

“Advanced Family Law Roundtable”, May 2018

“Tax Considerations When Dividing Marital Assets”, December 2017

“14th Annual Family Law Institute – Financial Planning in Divorce and Social Security Benefits”, October 2016

“Financial Considerations in Family Law Mediation”, August 2016

“Hot Topics in Tax, Estate Planning, and Family Law”, May 2016

“Financial Considerations in Family Law Mediation”, August 2015

“Discovery & Evidence in Divorce (What Individual Tax Returns Can Show You)”, August 2014

“Financial Considerations in Family Law Mediation”, November 2013

“11th Annual Family Law Institute – How to Unwind Complex Estate Planning & Asset Protection Vehicles in Divorce”, November 2013

“Financial Issues in Divorce”, February 2013

“Popular Financial/Tax Issues for Mediators”, October 2012

“Financial Considerations in Divorce – Advanced Family Law”, July 2012

“Financial Considerations in Divorce”, February, 2012

“Finance 101 for Family Law Practitioners”, Dec 2011

“Divorce Related Issues Involving Highly Compensated Executives and Business Owners”, Oct 2011

“Financial Consideration in Family Mediation”, August 2011

“Financial Advisement & Considerations in Divorce”, July 2011

 “Child Related Tax Benefits in Divorce,” June 2011

“Difficult Divorce Issues”, November 2010

“Ten Popular Financial and Tax Issues in Divorce”, October 2010

“Everything You Wanted to Know About Cobra and Divorce”,  October 2009

“Stock Options and Other Difficult Financial Issues in Divorce”, September 2009

“Debt, Bankruptcy, and Other Related Divorce Topics”, October 2008

“Divorcing the Older Client with Significant Retirement Benefits, etc”, October 2007

“Section 529 Tax and Planning Issue”, July 2007